Renewable Energy

Over the years there has been an integration of Renewable energy into the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry Network. OpsPower have always been at the forefront of this technology, assisting with the commissioning and maintenance operations of the interface between these installations and the network owners.

Being that OpsPower has been involved over this period we have been able to maintain industry best practice with the ever evolving technology within this sector of the industry.

Whether its assisting maintenance crews with safe access to the electrical infrastructure to lending a hand with upgrades we have been there.

From Solar Farms, Battery Storage Facilities, Gas or Diesel fueled embedded generators OpsPower has the technicians with the expertise to assist.

Our partnerships with the companies that build, maintain and operate these Renewable Energy installations has also forged a relationship that has OpsPower assisting with the commissioning of DC Traction Substations for Train and Tram Companies in particular to the interface between the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry and the Rail Industry.

Our knowledge and years of experience between these types of networks continue to deliver excellent service to our customers.

⬤ Battery storage facilities

⬤ Natural gas fired embedded generators

⬤ Diesel and methane fueled generators

⬤ Solar farms directly generating into the grid

⬤ Emergency Network Generation