High Voltage Operating.

HV and LV operating for distribution companies, their contractors, HV/LV customer networks, generation companies and DC traction networks.

OpsPower provide all aspects of HV and LV operating, including Terminal Station equipment from 66Kv Sub Transmission circuit breakers to Zone Substation Primary and Secondary equipment.

Issuing all relevant authorities (ie: Access Permits, Sanction for Test, Permit to Work, Statement of Condition of Apparatus & Plant, Vicinity Authority, Low Voltage Isolation & Bonding Statement).


Make application for / Planning.

The preparation of all facets of 'make application for' and the writing of HV & LV operating instructions for the distribution networks, their contractors and private embedded network owners.

OpsPower planners can assist private embedded network owners by evaluating their specific requirements and providing properly planned applications and instructions for maintenance, testing and emergency work. This ensures all work carried out safely, and complies with the workplace safety procedures of the customer and in accordance with Blue Book requirements.


Lineworker Services.

OpsPower has qualified linesmen and the resources to integrate with our customer's needs to provide services for maintenance and connections of new apparatus to existing networks.